Pine Valley Campground

In addition to our mobile home court, Pine Valley is home to a 45-space RV campground nestled in the woods in a quiet and serene atmosphere. The campground is open from April to October each season with sites available for rental for the entire season or for a week at a time.
Each campsite is individually electric metered, and our campground is bordered by a catch and release trout pond that is available for our guests to enjoy. Many of our residents have been members of the campground for years and have built lasting friendships throughout the community. For more information about our seasonal campsites, please click this link.

Campground Rules

  1. All camping fees are non-refundable.
  2. A $200 retainer fee is required by October 31 each year to reserve a site for the next season. The balance is due no later than March 31st. After March 31st, there will be an addition $100 late fee.
  3. All members must carry insurance on their camper and provide written proof to the office, a copy of which shall be kept in the office file.
  4. A one-time electricity deposit of $75 is assessed to new members to the community or to an existing member moving to a different lot. This deposit will be refunded when the member vacates their site, provided we received a written request.
  5. Electric meters are read around the 25th of each month. Bills will be mailed to the members home address by the last day of each month, payable by the 15th of the following month, after which a $20 late fee will be added.
  6. Seasonal sites are to be occupied by campsite members only. If you have overnight guest(s), you must pay a $5 per person per night fee. Anyone who does not pay this fee will be assessed an additional $20 fee. Overnight guest fees should be dropped in the drop box at the office porch. Please make sure to include your site number, name of the guest along with your payment and dates they will be staying. Grandchildren up to age 15 may stay overnight with that grandparent/member at no charge.
  7. All guest must leave by 11:00pm, after which they will be considered an overnight guest subject to the fee.
  8. Members are responsible for the safety and conduct of their guests. Disorderly conduct is not permitted nor tolerated.
  9. Small children must be accompanied by an adult in the bathroom and at/in the pond area at all times.
  10. Children must wear bike helmets when riding a bike and are not permitted to ride bikes after dark.
  11. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the member’s site if used with discretion and common sense.
  12. The use of firearms or other dangerous weapons (including fireworks) is strictly prohibited.
  13. Members are responsible for the mowing and trimming of their site. Leaves must be out at the roadside by the end of the 1st week in May to be removed by management, after which time there will be no pickup and you will be responsible to remove them yourself. There will be a $50 fee if management cleans up your site.
  14. Pets must be licensed, registered and approved by the campground management (unfortunately we cannot allow certain breeds of dogs – such as Pit bulls and Rottweilers), kept on a leash (cats or dogs), under control at all times and never left unsupervised. Any unruly pets (constant barking) will have to be removed from the park. You must clean up after your pet immediately. No dog walking in the tent area.
  15. No feeding of stray animals.
  16. Fishing is permitted on a catch and release basis only.
  17. No electric water heaters or high use electric items are permitted.
  18. Outside refrigerators are not permitted (they must be kept inside your camper or shed).
  19. Any structures must have prior approval of management. The only structures permitted are:
    One shed per lot is permitted (maximum of 8’x10′).
    A pavilion-style roof for the protection of the camper/RV /trailer.
    No other permanent structures are permitted on the site nor attached to the camper/RV/trailer.
  20. No tents are allowed in the seasonal site area.
  21. Dumpsters are for in-campground use only (BAGGED TRASH ONLY). This means no cardboard boxes, no mattresses, no construction material, etc. Do not put trash on top of or around outside of the dumpster when full. The dumpster is closed from November 1st thru March 31st each year.
  22. If you are selling your camper, your buyer must be pre-approved by management if they want to remain as a member on the site.

The owner and Management of Pine Valley Campground shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or injury which may be sustained by a Campground Member, Invitee, Guest, Visitor or any other persons as a consequence of the failure, contamination, leakage or obstruction of water, sewer waste, cable TV or the electrical, gas or oil system or by reason of the elements or resulting from the carelessness, negligence or improper conduct on the part of any other Member or the Member’s Guest, Agents, invitees, assignees, or successors or attributable to any interference with or interruption of, or failure beyond the control of the Owner and/or Management or any services to be supplied by the Owner or Management. Pine Valley Members must obtain the necessary insurance against these contingencies. The Owner and Management will not be responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, theft, fire mischief or acts of God to either the property or person of members or guests. Pine Valley Campground Members are hereby notified that Pine Valley Campground Members will assume all risks in such matters and should insure accordingly.